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● Environmental Systems

● Human Protection

Our Environmental Systems Division includes filtration of fluids (e.g. air and water) and treatment of industrial, agricultural and built environmental surfaces.  Our Human Protection Division treats surfaces, tools, and textiles that come into direct contact with users (e.g clothing, fabrics, food preparation items, medical supplies, and cosmetics).

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The Environmental Systems Division of QuatCare is involved in providing antimicrobial treatments for filters used to remove viable microbes from fluids (including water, air and other industrial fluids) and treatments of industrial, agricultural or built environment surfaces exposed to microbial contamination where the goal is to avoid biofilm growth, material degradation, or colonization.  Our filter solutions are designed to sustainably handle high flow rates and to reduce clogging or fouling of the filters, while still providing high efficiency removal of viable microorganisms.   Our surface treatments are intended to provide stable protection against microbial growth or persistence whether the surface is acutely (e.g. flood waters) or chronically (e.g. tidal submersion) exposed to contaminants.

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Fluid filtration subdivision- water, air, other fluids:

Industrial process and wastewater


HVAC filters and baffles

Dry well aquifer re-charge

Wastewater Treatment Plant Air filtration

Antimicrobial Non-Human Surfaces:

Automotive and industrial electrocoaters

Flood exposed built environment/building materials

Tidally submerged piers, docks, and hulls

HVAC duct surfaces

Agricultural Surfaces (Ag tiles etc)

Industrial work and assembly line surfaces

Tanks & pipes (water, heating, cooling, fuel)

Concrete surface biofilm/slip reduction

Air sparging/remediation reactors

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The Human Protection Division of QUATCARE is involved in developing antimicrobial coatings for products and surfaces that come in close contact with people.  By treating these items and surfaces we can avoid infections and simplify maintenance or cleaning.   These items include personal care products, clothing, fabrics, footwear, linens, medical supplies, sportswear, and keyboards.  Surfaces that our customers may want to coat include furniture, food preparation surfaces, bathroom surfaces, health care or surgical surfaces.

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Human Product subdivision:

Personal Care Products including cosmetics

Clothing and footwear



Keyboards, phones

Preparation of Pharmaceuticals

Antimicrobial Human Surfaces:


Food preparation surfaces/tools

Hotel surfaces


Surgical surfaces and tools

Shower Curtains

Beverage Containers

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