The City University of New York (CUNY) is the public university system of New York City, and the largest urban university system in the United States. The CUNY was founded in 1847 and comprises 25 institutions: eleven senior colleges, seven community colleges, one undergraduate honors college, and seven post-graduate institutions. The University enrolls more than 275,000 students, and counts thirteen Nobel Prize winners and twenty-four MacArthur Fellows among its alumni.


Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. (F.A.S.T) is a US based manufacturing, distribution and sales filtration firm that designs and manufactures anolyte cells and systems for anolyte cells and Ultrafiltration Elements, and EDWS technology which recovers the water from the final RO rinse to recycle and reuse it as feed to the main RO water system.


PowerBridgeNY commercializes university-based technology into scalable, cleantech solutions that will power the future. The PowerBridgeNY accelerator is for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize their cleantech inventions. The accelerator helps technologists determine product-market fit, de-risk their technologies by building early prototypes, and validate their technology through customer and industry interactions.

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